Court procedures to settle debts

Under this scenario, the creditor may file a lawsuit in civil or commercial court by following the standard litigation process in front of courthouses and judicial tribunals. We discuss the UAE’s legal system in more detail below.

Civil law governs legal matters in the United Arab Emirates

Commercial law primarily originates from federal codes that are issued in accordance with Article 121 of the Constitution. The most significant laws among them are the ones pertaining to civil transactions, business transactions, bankruptcy, companies, labour, and civil procedure. Included in the Federal Judiciary is the Federal Court of Appeals.

Federal Court UAE

The Federal Court system in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Umm AL Quwain consists of the Federal Supreme Court, the Court of First Instance, and the Court of Appeal. With a Court of Cassation serving as the highest court in both Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, each city has maintained its own legal system.

Appeal decisions from the Federal Courts of Initial Instance are heard by the Federal Courts of Appeal in the federal system. Applications from these Federal Appeal Tribunals are heard by the Federal Supreme Court. Dubai, on the other hand, has a separate Court of Appeal, Court of Initial Instance, and Tribunal of Cassation. The laws of the United States and the Emirate of Dubai are enforced by the Dubai Court of Cassation, which also serves as a supervisor and court of appeal from the rulings of the Dubai Court of Appeal.


Debt is defined as an amount borrowed that is not paid back on schedule in accordance with the terms of this agreement, which was signed by the debtor and a business (the creditor). When beginning the process of collecting debts in this situation, our Dubai legal professionals can provide total assistance and support.

If an arrangement is agreed by both parties—the creditor and the debtor—collection of the debt can, in most situations, be a simple process. The next actions in retrieving the funds or property will be decided by the court if the conditions are not followed.

Dealing with the process of debt collection when there are unpaid payments or contracts is definitely unpleasant. To avoid the formalities associated with a court-ordered execution, debt collection firms  in Dubai offer the option of paying debts in a quick and convenient way. Due to the individual nature of each case, businesses or individuals participating in a debt collection endeavor should obtain quick legal support and help.

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