Omar Al-Hilali Law Firm and Legal Consultations, in a word

Omar Al Hilali Law Firm and Legal Consultations works according to an enlightened vision to become one of the strongest law firms in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in providing legal advice and advocacy in the fields of investment, finance, commercial and financial issues, corporate issues, and many issues in various fields. Our office works as a department. An independent legal department for the facility or entity requesting services and covers all aspects of legal and advisory support. We are top law firms in Abu Dhabi.


Areas of cooperation are considered the first and most ideal way to enter into any business, and Omar Al-Hilali Law Firm and Legal Consultations can provide you with appropriate options in this regard. You can consult us for International law firms in Abu Dhabi.

Real estate and property

The experience of Omar Al-Hilali Law Firm and Legal Consultations extends over a long time, and provides all legal options for private property and real estate.

Partnerships and private equity

Partnerships and private ownership in emerging companies in particular are considered modern and effective investment methods locally and internationally. Therefore, our office has sufficient experience and knowledge and we have innovative solutions that serve any type of investment or local and international partnerships.

Mutual projects

When entering into emerging commercial markets, more than one party intends to unite in order to keep pace with the requirements of that market. We have full knowledge of the optimal method for managing joint projects legally from their inception until their end.

Structuring legal departments

We provide legal consultations to financial institutions, commercial companies, capital companies and investment funds in all aspects of their public and private financing, investment, capital formation work and structuring legal departments with the best capabilities and the latest methods.

Communications, technology, data protection and e-commerce

Currently, communications, technology, data protection, and electronic commerce are considered the pillars of most current transactions, especially commercial ones. We have more than ten years of legal experience in communications and technology services, how to protect data, and deal legally with electronic commerce.

Intellectual property

Our office provides integrated intellectual property services, including registration, ways to protect it, how to deal with violations, and resolving disputes. We also register trademarks, patents, and industrial models, and submit applications to WIPO in accordance with the latest international laws and instructions. We also prepare “ISA” reports and prepare “IPEAs” reports.

Mergers and acquisitions

Our office specializes in core areas of mergers and acquisitions in the UAE, such as tax, employee benefits, environmental regulations, intellectual property and real estate. Most of our mergers and acquisitions operations involve transaction negotiations through which we manage all phases of the project.

Regulations and policies

We have a team of expert lawyers always ready to help clients achieve their business goals from establishing and starting the operation of the project, through all stages of growth and development in the business to the stage of transferring the business to the next generation. Our office provides many diverse and wide services and prime law firm Abu Dhabi.

Labor system and labor relations

Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of employment relations and compliance with Abu Dhabi labor law such as domestic and international contracts for employment, employment litigation, employers’ liability, temporary employment procedures and workers’ compensation.

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