Real estate issues and their problems, where do they lead

Omar Al-Hilali Law Firm and Legal Consultations, charts the path of solutions and exit from the crisis!!!

Real estate issues are very precise, detailed and wide-ranging

Real estate issues are very precise, detailed, and wide-ranging in terms of the multiplicity of relevant government agencies, regulations, regulatory decisions, and judicial rulings issued in this regard. Connect us for knowing Abu Dhabi real estate law.

Omar Al-Hilali Law Firm and Legal Consultations has diverse experience in the field of legal consultation for real estate issues and real estate contracts of various types (residential, commercial), expropriation and compensation, real estate revaluation, mortgage, real estate eviction, real estate development, and real estate investment funds.

The office’s experience in the field of real estate issues includes the following:

Representing major real estate owners in the United Arab Emirates regarding real estate expropriation operations for the benefit of the state for the purpose of implementing some projects of the vision of the future of the Emirates, and addressing any interferences or claims of third parties.

Providing legal advice on establishing a joint venture for major Emirati companies with a capital amounting to millions of dirhams, making it one of the largest companies providing engineering, supply and construction services in the energy sector in the United Arab Emirates. You will get authentication in Abu Dhabi in your legal matters.

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