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We, Omar Al Helali Legal Consultancy, based in Abu Dhabi, are pleased to provide legal services for our clients, which includes providing legal advice in all civil, commercial, and banking fields. Omar Al Helali Legal of legal advisors and experts in areas such as corporate law, banking, and real estate laws. Al-Helali has excellent relationships with well-established law firms in the UAE and abroad and has a network of excellent relationships with debt collection agencies. Omar Al Helali puts all its expertise and networks of excellence at the disposal of the client in order to save the customer’s effort and valuable time at the lowest possible financial cost in return for the best legal service possible while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of our valued customers.

  CEO & Founder of Alhelali Legal


Our firm values are absolute trust, immediate availability, and attentive listening to the client to understand, analyze, and anticipate their needs.


With us, you will have excellent service as with all other the UAE law firms, except that with us, not only will you pay less, but you will know from the start the cost of all our services.


Alhelali has a strong track record of providing diligent and reliable consulting services and also a network of satisfied clients who can vouch for our success.

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Why Clients Choose Us?


The clients’ first choice in providing legal consulting services and managing lawsuits of commercial and banking disputes, in a way that guarantees clients’ legal rights to achieve justice.


Protecting clients against any legal actions and safeguarding their rights and achieving their interests.
Commitment to the standards of integrity, transparency and excellence in providing legal services.
Achieving customers satisfaction and keeping them aware of all the details of the legal tasks carried out for them.
Principles and values:
Honesty and transparency.
Sincerity and confidentiality.
Experience and excellence.


Exerting sufficient efforts to clarify the rights and provide the client with the necessary legal information and consultancy services through a qualified team in a framework of transparency and effective cooperation with the clients.

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