Omar Al Hilali Advocates and Legal Consultants

Omar Al Hilali Advocates & Legal Consultants Personal Status Lawyer Personal status issues in the UAE are of great importance due to their sensitivity and attachment to the family, which is the basis of society. The personal status lawyer has a major role in resolving most family disputes or disputes that occur due to inheritance, […]

Labor Cases Lawyer

Labor Cases Lawyer The worker may be subjected to arbitrary dismissal, delayed receipt of salary, or non-receipt of end-of-service gratuity. Or the employer can be harmed by the worker’s non-compliance with the employment contract. Or other many labor issues in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, they need a lawyer specialized in labor cases in Abu Dhabi who […]

Company establishment lawyer in the Emirates

Company establishment lawyer in the Emirates Before starting to draft a company incorporation letter and the type of its commercial activity, you must resort to an expert and experienced company incorporation lawyer in the Emirates from our company to help you establish your company according to what is specified by the companies’ law in a […]

Company liquidation lawyer

Company liquidation lawyer There are many legal details that require an Emirati lawyer from a law firm in Abu Dhabi that specializes in liquidating companies when carrying out company liquidation procedures when it is impossible to achieve the purposes and objectives for which the company was established according to the legal systems in the Emirates. […]

A lawyer specializing in banking cases

A lawyer specializing in banking cases A lawyer specializing in banking issues from our company helps clients resolve legal disputes related to banking issues and the debts arising from them in a way that saves them time and money. He succeeded in reaching many judicial rulings that were in the interest of his clients. In […]

Law office for commercial cases

Law office for commercial cases The commercial trial system and legal systems related to commercial laws are difficult for those who practice various commercial activities. Because it contains many legal details that regulate commercial relations and govern commercial disputes that occur during the practice of these activities. Therefore, when you search for a commercial lawyer’s […]

Trademark lawyer

Trademark lawyer An expert trademark lawyer from Omar Al-Hilali Law Firm and Legal Consultations provides you with all legal services related to trademark issues, including: Helping and guiding you when choosing a brand for your project so that it is unique and appropriate. Registering the trademark, registering it, or canceling it in accordance with the […]

Commercial contracts lawyer

Commercial contracts lawyer When you want to conclude any commercial contract, it is necessary for you to turn to a commercial contracts lawyer from our office who is an expert in drafting commercial contracts in accordance with legal principles that ensure you avoid any future contractual dispute that exposes you to loss. His long experience […]

And all this takes us to the money market

Money Market The office includes a team familiar with capital markets and represents issuers and subscribers in public equity transactions and capital debt. We are best in debt collection Abu Dhabi. Capital markets are the intersection point of accurate financial, legal, administrative, and technical knowledge and specializations due to their importance and impact on the […]