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Omar Al Helali Law Firm works in the field of debt collection according to professional standards, rules and regulations and under the umbrella of legitimacy that are consistent with the teachings of Islam.


Our office has the ability to achieve great success in debt recovery through the use of many solutions that may differ according to the type of debt and debtor. We have the necessary skills to negotiate and persuade, and we know exactly when we will gradually increase the severity. We also know how to deal with the most common and frequent excuses for non-payment of debts, and we keep all our clients’ accounts and information fully secure.


Debt collection not only means knowing all the legal rules and regulations related to this, but it is also imperative to know the various aspects well. Those who work in this field must uphold legitimacy, ethics and professionalism along with special communication skills and a great capacity for analysis and planning.


Accordingly, at Omar Al Helali Law Firm we always strive to keep all of these standards in our minds in order to provide our clients – whether individuals, companies or banks – with the most advanced debt collection service they want.


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