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family Cases


Family Matters: Omar Al Helali Legal firm represents individuals in family disputes, whether Muslims or non-Muslims wither by representing them in defense or pleading on their behalf before family courts within the UAE. Divorce legal disputes vary according to the law of the state, the laws of foreign countries or according to the cases of claims to maintenance and custody that accompany those divorce lawsuits.  Omar Al Helali office represents plaintiffs or defendants in those cases to grant them their disputed rights.

Family disputes are considered as a wide and complex area of ​​lawsuits and proceedings before the courts. This category of disputes demands various temporary or quick procedures to guarantee the rights of the claimed parties, including temporary claims for maintenance of the wife whose husband refrains from supporting her financially, including the maintenance of children and gaining of children custody, whether in favor of the father or mother according to the dispute causes and access to children temporary rules. We as well provide advice and guidance to the clients regarding the procedures of litigation during the sessions where it may require sometimes the personal presence of the client, we guide them also on the procedures of the law provisions and how to prove their rights. We serve in cases of at-fault divorce suits, child support and child custody, childcare, banning children from travel or canceling that ban, all those issues rank a major part of family lawsuits.


Omar Al Helali Legal  office represents disputing parties in family lawsuits using and benefiting from its long years of experience in producing optimum outcomes for clients. The Office is concerned with realizing these outcomes in the shortest possible period of time, especially in cases where children are part of the case, with the aim of protecting them considering they are the weakest link and the helpless party in the conflict.


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