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Insurance: Courtesy to Omar Al Helali Law firm awareness of the great effect and impact of insurance on both individuals and business sectors, we give much care for insurance. Insurance means, in its legal sense, that both insurer and insured shall cooperate to face the insured risks. Article 1026 of the Civil Transactions Law, Thus protecting all individuals, installations and properties.

Due to the great experience of Omar Al Helali  in this field, a great number of major and key clients have chosen its highly skilled team to represent them in these insurance-related issues and cases. Omar Al Helal  office divides the insurance into several types;

·        Health insurance – Insurance of buildings, constructions, and business sites.

·        life insurance.

·        Property insurance (whether from accidents or fire).

·        Insurance of oil fields.

The Omar About Al Helali  office for law and legal consulting has already represented both insurers and insured in insurance lawsuits and was able to achieve tremendous gains in this area thanks to the expertise it had in such specialized cases.


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