Real estate and rental issues

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Real estate and rental issues :

As a professional team that provides high quality real estate legal services in UAE, we have developed streamlined processes to make delivery of services faster and more convenient without compromising on quality standards. Fully compliant with applicable regulations, our practices as your real estate lawyers in UAE are always in line with the jurisprudence of the country’s real estate law.

If you are looking for real estate lawyers in united arab emirates who can represent you in the courtroom for all kinds of disputes and, at the same time, represent you in major realty sale or purchase deals with flawless expertise in all these domains, our team will surely not disappoint you.

The most common real estate cases in UAE that our team deals with include the following legal problems:

Sale/Purchase contract negotiation and validation
Tenant and landlord disputes
Tenant and landlord rental disputes
Rental value review for commercial and residential real assets
Contractor, developer and investor disputes
Lease renewal negotiations


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