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Criminal Actions: Omar Alhelali law firm represents clients in various criminal cases, such as violations, misdemeanors, or felonies before courts of the first instance, appeal and cassation of different types of criminal courts; traffic courts, municipal courts, public prosecution courts, state security courts, and military courts. We also represent clients in cases of violations of the laws on different types of charges directed to the clients in order to establish innocence in those cases. Omar Alhelali’s office represents victims of civil suits in criminal proceedings with regard to serve justice against the perpetrators and to achieve the maximum punishment for their actions against the victim.

About Omar Al Helali office represents clients in various criminal cases;  serious traffic offenses such as crossing red signs, dangerous driving, and violation of municipality rules such as;  violation of building code, not following mandatory safety standards, and catering establishments offenses, we also represent clients before immigration and residence courts in cases of residence terms violation and escape notification, as well as Submit complaints to the Public Prosecution such as libel suits, slander, beatings, assaults, manslaughter, intentional murder, trespassing and violation of the property of others, abuse of alcohol and drugs, traffic, checks, breach of trust, misappropriation of funds,  and fraud.

Omar About Al Helali office represents clients in violations and penalties based on special laws such as electronic crimes in which crimes are committed using information technology means; such as text messages, chat programs, hacking programs, and violations of intellectual property protection laws by introducing protected material on the Internet to the public or for personal use or trafficking, as well as violating the protection of consumer rights as well as all laws relating to all levels and categories of breach and violation.

Our Office works hard to establish the client’s innocence while representing them before different courts and by defense memos and pleadings that ensure the judges comprehend the dispute through the rhetoric and energy of the lawyer present in the dispute, which emphasizes the greatest outcomes and protects the interests of clients.


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