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Legal Consulting Services: Omar Al Helali Legal Consultancy in both Arabic and English, in all legal aspects that both individuals and companies may face in their daily life, in investments or commercial matters. Our office delivers legal advice and guidance on the appropriate procedure that shall protect the client’s interests in any problem he might walk into, and we ensure the clients fully understand the problem, its consequences, and all actions to be taken to solve that problem in order to avoid those mentioned serious consequences.

Omar Al Helali Legal Consultancy advice either by arranging a meeting with the legal advisor in charge of the office, the certified lawyer or through electronic correspondences. Our office works to present legal advice in writing and covered by the legal provisions of the law and courts practices, we also deliver fully founded jurists interpretations to reassure the client of the validity of submitted legal advice and support.

Omar Al Helali Legal office is associated with many annual consulting contracts with commercial companies and financial associations that desire to obtain continuous services throughout the year either by contract with fixed or unspecified hours of consultants, legal researchers, and lawyers, ensuring a variety of options for clients.

The office of Omar Al Helali Legal is a source of confidence given that the legal advice issued by its team always comes accompanied by the evidence, the source and clear understanding of the client’s point of view, we deliver that kind of fully trusted service to reach and gain the client’s confidence in the integrity of the basis of the legal advice.


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