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Labor Issues: Omar Al Helali law firm represents many employees and employers of associations, companies, and individuals in related lawsuits before labor courts in issues related to demanding and settling receivables. Omar Al Helali represents employees or employers in these cases before the courts of the first instance, appeal, and cassation. We also represent clients before expertise assigned and delegated in Inventory and liquidation of labor dues whether for specific or indefinite contracts against the private, government, or quasi-governmental companies before administrative courts in accordance with the Labor Law or the human resources rules of each institution that apply on both citizens and foreigners before all courts in UAE.

Omar Al Helali office represents employees in claiming their worker’s entitlements by demanding salaries arrears, Arbitrary dismissal, accrued leave, end of service, overtime, and work allowance during official holidays. We support workers in their demand for periodic bonuses and commissions, as well as compensation for direct damages in the event of the employer breaching his obligations.Omar Al Helali ’s office represents many companies in the liquidation of worker’s entitlements by providing advice on the real dues and receivables of the clients and representing them before courts.  Our role includes ensuring fulfilling the employer’s liability within the limits of those entitlements as well as to request the deduction of employee debts and claim compensation for non-employment during the warning period.We investigate and defend all cases of unlawful breach of confidentiality obligation and damages to the employer for the serious error of any staff member and exempting employer from overtime claims for staff in senior management positions.

Omar Al Helali Office has practical experience in reaching the best results in presenting the facts and legal principles that guarantee clients the desired result in cases of arbitrary dismissal, either by forcing the worker to quit or resign, false notification of escape, arbitrary suspension, end-of-service extensions and employment under mandate contracts. We perform those services in the most professional way guaranteeing the client of having the required practical experience while representing him in his cases and disputes.

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