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Are you looking for the best compensation lawyer?

Do you have a claim for compensation for a work injury or a medical compensation claim?

Do you have a compensation case for an accident?

Do you want to file a claim against insurance?

Are you asking what is the status of compensation cases and insurance cases?

Would you like to know the most important reasons for which compensation is awarded?

All of these questions are asked daily by hundreds of litigants, plaintiffs, and defendants, in compensation cases, insurance cases, or after car accidents, whether by the injured, the cause, or the harmed. The most important question is what comes after the accident and what after the damage is proven? The goal of all these questions is that you are placed in a new situation that you do not know how to deal with, but you know that you have a right and you want to obtain your right, whether from the insurance company or from a person who has severely harmed you, or who has falsely and slanderously complained against you, or who has distorted you. Your reputation in front of your relatives, family, or people, or he belittled you in front of the public, or any damage he has done to various types of damage that vary in our daily lives. Therefore, you need the best compensation lawyer.

Why should I hire a lawyer in compensation cases in general?

What will I benefit from or what the compensation lawyer can offer me?

Compensation in law:

Article 282 of the Civil Transactions Law states:

“Every harm to another obliges the perpetrator, even if he is not discerning, to be responsible for the harm.”

There are many types of compensation, including material compensation, moral and psychological compensation, and compensation for lost earnings, all of which are estimated by the amount of damage. It is worth noting that the causal relationship is one of the most important elements in proving damage, and also one of the important elements is estimating and proving the extent of the magnitude of the damage and the extent of the impact on the person receiving compensation, whether In himself, his money, or his future, whether professional, family, or professional, and here the role of the lawyer appears and becomes clear in cases of compensation, insurance, or cases related to recovering compensation for damage.

What is established and known to everyone is that the lawyer is fully aware of the trial procedures and also of the cassation rulings previously issued in determining the value of compensation, in addition to the accumulated experience in compensation cases that allow him to know whether the amount awarded is appropriate or not or how to arrange the documents and demand them from the compensation seeker so that he by convincing the judge of the value of the compensation claimed.

Since most compensation cases involve car accidents or compensation for direct damage or damage to reputation, the most important question has been answered, which is the importance of the lawyer in compensation cases, and why should you hire a compensation lawyer or a specialist in compensation cases.

The answer is limited to several points previously mentioned and we will clarify them in that the lawyer is more knowledgeable and aware of the background of the laws and is aware of the nature of the cases in which he has previously tried or similar cases or the nature of the case being discussed due to his previous representation of the plaintiff or defendant in these cases.

Also, among the points of your need for a lawyer in compensation and insurance cases, all of these cases require specific procedures and specific nature, and a mistake in any procedure leads to the rejection of the case, and also to the courts’ tendency to speed up procedures and speed up the adjudication of cases, which makes it difficult for the average customer. Keeping up with the normal speed in adjudicating the case, exposes his claim to rejection and his need for a new lawsuit, which wastes time, effort, and money.

Here, the most important questions that are on the minds of all customers arise: How can one be able to obtain the number of a lawyer specialized in these cases related to compensation, insurance, damage for a harmful act, or recovery of rights?

At Omar Al-Hilali Law Office, we have the ability, knowledge, and great experience in compensation cases, whether it is compensation cases for work injury, compensation for traffic accidents, or compensation for medical error, which makes us reassure you that your right will be restored in the fastest time. We have a specialized team who have done this before. We always do this by pleading and representing plaintiffs and defendants in these cases, specializing in all of this, in addition to following up with the client at every step so that he is aware of the development of his lawsuit, and our services can be viewed through the official website


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