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Contracting Case Lawyer

Contracting Case Lawyer

Omar Alhelali Legal – Advocates and Legal Consultants specializes in providing legal services for Contracting Cases of all kinds, starting from preparing and reviewing legal contracts for Contracting and construction, all the way to following up and pleading cases related to execution, settlement, legal disputes, and engineering experts. The Office also provides contract advisory services to ensure client compliance with all local and international laws and regulations related to construction and Contracting Cases.

What is a Contracting Contract?

When it comes to contracting and contracts, the agreement must be clear and well-defined to avoid any future disputes. A contract is an agreement in which one party undertakes to manufacture a specific thing or provide a specific service, while the other party undertakes to pay a specific amount as compensation for that.

The agreement in the contracting contract may be limited to the contractor undertaking to provide the work, provided that the employer provides the material that he uses or uses in carrying out his work. The contractor may also undertake to provide the material and work. The contracting contract requires specifying the location and type of material, how it will be used (what is known as the schedule of quantities), the duration of work completion (known as the project execution period), and the financial compensation corresponding to this work. (What is known as the value of the contract).

An Overview of the Contractor’s Obligations

One of the contractor’s most important obligations in the contracting contract is his commitment to the quality of work, as he must provide the work with high quality and in accordance with the conditions specified in the contract. If the employer stipulates that the contractor provide all or part of the work material, he is responsible for its quality in accordance with the terms of the contract, and if the material or its agreed-upon type is not found, then current custom is applied in such cases and is agreed upon in what is called a table of specifications in contracts.

On the other hand, if the employer is the one who provided the work material, the contractor must take care of it, observe the technical principles in his work, and return to its owner what is left of it. If otherwise happens and it is damaged, defective, or lost, he must guarantee it.

We would like to clarify that the Omar Alhelali Legal – Advocates and Legal Consultants team provides extensive experience and deep knowledge of the UAE laws and the obligations of the contractor and owner.

A Summary of the Employer’s Obligations

The employer’s obligations in contracting contracts are considered one of the main aspects that Omar Alhelali Legal – Advocates and Legal Consultants is concerned with. It works to protect the rights of the employer and ensure the right to have the work delivered to the quality and specifications agreed upon in the contract. The office seeks to provide the best legal solutions for companies and business owners and protect them if they face any legal disputes.

The employer’s obligations in contracting contracts include the employer’s obligation to receive the completed work once the contractor has completed it and placed it at his disposal. If he refrains without a legitimate reason despite being invited to do so with an official warning and it is damaged in the contractor’s hands or defective without his transgression or negligence, he has no liability.

The employer is also obligated to pay the compensation upon delivery of the contracted item, unless the agreement or custom stipulates otherwise.

The contracting contract also requires that the contractor carry out the agreed upon work in accordance with the terms and specifications specified in the contract. If it is found that the contractor completed the work in a defective or inconsistent manner, the employer has the right to request termination of the contract. This termination may be immediate if repair of the work is not possible, or the employer can ask the contractor to repair the work within a reasonable period. In the event that the correction is not completed within the specified period, the employer has the right to resort to the judiciary to terminate the contract or allow him to appoint another contractor to complete the work at the expense of the original contractor, while requesting compensation for all of that.

Contracting Contract Termination Cases

Contracting Contract termination cases are issues that require a precise understanding of the law and legal legislation related to them, and also require experience and deep knowledge of the legal cases related to contracting and execution contracts. The termination of the Contracting Contract may occur after the work is completed according to the agreement or the contract is terminated in a manner agreed upon between the two parties or by a judicial ruling.

According to legal legislation, if an excuse occurs that prevents the contractor from executing or completing the contract, one of the parties has the right to request cancellation or termination of the contract in accordance with the circumstances specified by law. In addition, if the contractor begins execution and then becomes unable to complete it for reasons beyond his control, he is entitled to the value of the work completed and what was spent for execution to the extent that it benefits the employer.

Omar Alhelali Legal – Advocates and Legal Consultants specializes in assisting the employer or contractor in cases of contracting contracts, as it provides the necessary legal support and consultations to guarantee the rights of their clients. In order to achieve justice, the office’s team of lawyers carefully studies the case and analyzes all available documents and evidence to ensure that their clients obtain their rights fully and fairly.

Thanks to the experience and competence of the Omar Alhelali Legal – Advocates and Legal Consultants team, their consultations in the field of contracting contracts are of great importance to both the employer and the contractor. The success and proper execution of any project depends on adherence to the conditions specified in the contract, and therefore each party must have a good understanding of their rights and duties and the legal procedures available to them in the event of potential disputes or problems.


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